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The following list of members of the ICDM is current as of March 2011:

  • Dr. M. Joan Alexander (USA) alexand(at) - mesoscale dynamics, waves, convection, global circulation
  • Dr. P.G. Baines, Past President (Australia) p.baines(at) - dynamic meteorology, oceanography and climatology
  • Dr. Craig H. Bishop (USA) Craig.Bishop(at) - data assimilation and ensemble techniques
  • Dr. Kenneth Gage (USA) kenmollygage(at) - waves, turbulence, convection and precipitation
  • Prof. Richard Grotjahn (USA) grotjahn(at) - large-scale and climate dynamics, atmospheric general circulation, climate modeling
  • Dr. Nili Harnik (Israel) harnik(at) - dynamics and instability of shear flows, waves, atmospheric dynamics, stratospheric circulation, storm tracks
  • Dr. Michael V. Kurgansky (Russia/Chile) kurgansk(at) - theory of adiabatic invariants (especially, Ertel PV and helicity) and its applications; intense atmospheric vortices; atmospheric climate variability
  • Dr. Jianping Li (China) ljp(at) - monsoons, climate, predictability, and annular modes
  • Dr. Olivia Martius (Swizerland) olivia.martius (at) - dynamics of short-term climate variation and links to extreme events
  • Dr. Igor Mokhov (Russia) mokhov(at) - synoptic meteorology, climate modeling
  • Prof. Mu Mu (China) mumu(at) - nonlinear instability and stability, predictability of weather and climate, data assimilation
  • Prof. Hisashi Nakamura (Japan) hisashi(at) - stormtrack dynamics, Rossby wave teleconnection, large-scale air-sea interaction in the extratropics, decadal-scale climate variability
  • Prof. John W. Nielsen-Gammon, President (USA) n-g(at) - synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, air pollution meteorology, applied climatology
  • Dr. David Nolan (USA) dnolan(at) - hurricane dynamics, tropical weather & climate and severe storms
  • Dr. Adam Scaife (UK) adam.scaife(at) - climate variability, stratospheric dynamics and long-range forecasting
  • Dr. Richard Swinbank, Secretary (UK) richard.swinbank(at) - ensemble forecasting, data assimilation, predictability, stratospheric dynamics and global circulation
  • Prof. Zhe-Min Tan (China) zmtan(at) - mesoscale atmospheric dynamics, predictability, boundary-layer processes

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