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Current IAMAS Officers

The IAMAS Executive Committee consists of the Bureau, the Members at Large and the Presidents of the 10 Commissions

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IAMAS BUREAU 2007-2011:

Prof. Guoxiong Wu, President IAMAS 2007-2011
Dr. Anne Thompson, Vice-President IAMAS 2007-2011
Dr. Maria Assuncao Faus Silva Dias, Vice-President 2007-2011
Dr. Hans Volkert, Secretary General IAMAS 2007-2015
Dr. John Turner, Deputy Secretary General 2003-2011


Dr. Philippe Bougeault 2003-2011

Prof. Dr. Sabina Stefan 2005-2011
Prof. Ernest Hugo Berbery 2007-2015
Dr. Vladimir Kattsov 2007-2015
Dr. Michael MacCracken, Past President IAMAS 2007-2011
Prof. Tetsuzo Yasunari 2007-2015


Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (ICACGP)

Prof. Dr. John Burrows, President ICACGP, OAR 2010-2014
Prof. Laura Gallardo Klenner, Vice President ICACGP 2010-2014
Dr. Frank Dentener, Secretary ICACGP

Atmospheric Electricity (ICAE)

Prof. Zen Kawasaki, President ICAE 2007-2011
Prof. Daohong Wang, Secretary ICAE 2007-2011

Climate (ICCL)

Dr. Keith Alverson, President ICCL (2003-2011)
Dr. Neil Holbrook, Secretary ICCL (2003-2011)

Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP)

Prof. Zev Levin, President ICCP (2004-2012)
Dr. Andrea Flossmann, Vice-President ICCP (2004-2012)
Dr. David O'C. Starr, Secretary ICCP (2000-2012)

ICCP Committee on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols:

Prof. Colin O'Dowd, Co-Chairman ICCP-CNAA (2004-2008)
Dr. Paul DeMott, Co-Chairman ICCP-CNAA (2004-2008)

Dynamic Meteorology (ICDM)

Prof. John W. Nielsen-Gammon, President ICDM 2007-2011
Dr. Richard Swinbank Secretary ICDM 2007-2011
Dr. Peter Baines, Past President ICDM 2007-2011

Meteorology of the Middle Atmosphere (ICMA)

Prof. Shigeo Yoden, President ICMA 2007-2011
Dr. Daniel Marsh, Vice-President ICMA 2007-2011

Planetary Atmospheres and Their Evolution (ICPAE)

Dr. Athéna Coustenis, President, 2003-2011
Dr. Dmitri Titov , Vice-President, 2003-2011
Dr. Darrell Strobel, Secretary, 2007-2011

Polar Meteorology (ICPM)

Prof. David Bromwich, President ICPM (2003-2011),
Dr. Tom Lachlan-Cope, Secretary ICPM (2007-2011)

Ozone (IOC)

Prof. Christos Zerefos, President IOC 2008-2012
Dr. Richard Stolarski, Vice-President IOC 2008-2012
Dr. Sophie Godin-Beekmann, Secretary IOC 2008-2012
Dr. Donald Wuebbels, Director of Information 2008-2012

Radiation (IRC)

Dr. Robert Cahalan, President IRC 2008-2012

Dr. Werner Schmutz, Vice-President IRC 2008-2012
Prof. Byung-Ju Sohn, Secretary IRC 2008-2012

Details of past officers can be found here


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