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by past president Guoxiong Wu
A Warm Welcome!
Sense the atmosphere!

The people engaged with IAMAS deal as professional scientists with a plethora of aspects that are of relevance for our atmosphere, and the weather and climate which it carries. In legal terms IAMAS is a non-registered International Association, which acts in a strict non-profit fashion.

As the page header indicates, IAMAS embodies ten International Commissions and one international Committee. The overall coordination is provided by the IAMAS Bureau, which is responsible to the Executive Committee.

IAMAS is a constituent Assosciation of IUGG, the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, and through it part of ICSU, the International Council for Science.

Highlights of cooperation are the biennual IAMAS Assemblies, intermittingly together with one or two of the partner associations (as MOCA-09 in Montréal, Canada; DACA-13 in Davos, Switzerland; planned for Cape Town, South Africa, in 2017) and embedded into General Assemblies of all partners within IUGG (as 2011 in Melbourne, Australia, and scheduled for Prague, Czech Republic, in 2015).

These pages are designed to provide quick and effective information pathways to the many facets of IAMAS. Clicking the yellow labelled boxes at the top brings you directly to the Commissions, while the navigation bar on the left opens interesting chapters of IAMAS in its entirity.

On behalf of the entire IAMAS community, we invite you to browse the information provided in these pages and to consider how you can become actively involved.
With warm & atmospheric greetings!

John Turner,   U n i t e d   K i n g d o m Teruyuki (Terry) Nakajima,   J a p a n
IAMAS-President (2015-2019)  IAMAS-Secretary-General (from 2015)

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