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     Info-Emails & News     30 Apr 2015

Info-Emails from the IAMAS Bureau

Since 2012 edited information emails are sent to all IAMAS commissions and national correspondents to spread information, ideally in a bi-monthly frequency. Click the entries in the table below, in reverse chronological order, to obtain the respective pdf-file.

In addition, information about IAMAS and its scientific meetings is regularly contained in the monthly issues of the  IUGG E- Journal  (click for the full selection since 2001).


In February 2015 vice-president John Turner announced Yuan Wang as the recipient of the IAMAS Early Career Scientist Medal 2015 for "his seminal contributions in elucidating the role of natural and man-derived atmospheric particles in air quality, atmospheric dynamics and climate".

Previously, IUGG had announced Sir Brian Hoskins, IAMAS president 1991-95, as the first recipient of the IUGG Gold Medal. Furthermore, IAMAS colleagues John Burrows, Andrea Flossmann, Sophie Godin-Beekmann and Jianping Li are among the six newly elected IUGG Fellows.

The next IAMAS-Assembly is part of the 26th IUGG General Assembly in Prague, CZ.

Please check the specific IAMAS symposia and the IAMAS components within the Union- and joint Inter-Association symposia. Deadline for abstract submission is 31 Jan. 2015.

At its meeting on 11 July 2013 , the IAMAS Executive Committee approved a Resolution regarding atmospheric sciences within the new "Future Earth" initiative launched by ICSU (click for Resolution) as well as a Statement regarding Radiation Management as geoengineering method (click for Statement).

Previous Newsletters

From 2004 to 2013 short IAMAS-newsletters appeared once or twice per year. They were distributed electronically and contained basic information, e.g. about new elections, conferences and featured IAMAS commissions. Click the entries in the table for a pdf-file.
NL #13, Dec. 2012
NL #12, Dec. 2011
NL #11, June 2011
NL #10, Dec. 2010
NL #09, Dec. 2009
NL #08, June 2009
NL #07, Aug. 2008
NL #06, Nov. 2007
NL #05, June 2007
NL #04, Jan. 2007
NL #03, Mar. 2006
NL #02, July 2005
NL #01, Jan. 2005
NU #00, Feb. 2004


For a message about the earthquake & tsunami in Japan in March 2011 click   here.

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